Nathalie Moellhausen

The concept

I can only see beyond my mask to unveil the world behind it. I wish to expand the perspective on fencing, turning my sport into my art and lifestyle. For me life is like a fencing piste, an initiatory journey that starts with the self learning and mastership, to the transmission of this experience to others. I raise these five blades to stage a new concept of fencing, sharing the values of my discipline, through 5touches : the physical, the mental, the culinary, the stylish and the artistic.

The Services (Coming soon!)


The Physical Touch

Functional training
EMS training (Muscles Electro Stimulation)
Dance of the blades


The Mental Touch

Individual Follow up
Motivational workshop
Team Building


The Culinary Touch

Cooking Classes
Nutritional Consulting
Delivery at Home
Chef at Home


The Artistic Touch

Art direction
Performing art
Events Production


The Stylish Touch

Fashion & Design

Online Shop (Soon!)

Nathalie Moellhausen presents her collection of design creations, sportswear and accessories.  Coming soon !

5Touches Circle

5Touches is a platform where expertise, creativity and network are at your service to help you achieving your golden goals.

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