Nathalie Moellhausen

Nathalie is a multiple woman: passionate, determined and enriched by different cultures. She shares her vision and her varied experiences which have forged her to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Born in Milan, from a Brazilian mother and an Italian/German father, Nathalie grew up in Italy and is fluent in Italian, Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.
At 20 years old, she moved to Paris to learn French fencing technics and took the opportunity to study philosophy at the Sorbonne University. She never forget her golden dreams : become a world champion in fencing. 

Nathalie represented the Italian team until 2012. She was World Champion by team in 2009 and bronze medalist in the individual event in 2010.

In 2014, she decides to embrace her mother's legacy and represent Brazil, her second country. After 5 years, she achieved her goal by winning the individual gold medal at the 2019 Budapest World Championships and made history in fencing. 

Continuing her sport career, Nathalie created her own artistic project, in which she transmits a new image of fencing throughout the world.

Nathalie is currently qualified for Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. She actually spends her time between trainings and développement of her plateforme 5Touches.

In parallel, Nathalie has lent her artistic expertise to numerous events. 

First of all, she conceived and directed the Opening Ceremony of the World Fencing Championship at the Grand Palais of Paris, in 2010. 

Then, in 2013, she directed the prestigious 100th Anniversary Gala of the International Fencing Federation (FIE100), at the Grand Palais of Paris. 

Last but not least, she was selected a second time to be the Artistic Director of the FIE105 Anniversary Gala in 2018, again at the Grand Palais of Paris. 

These events were the most significant expressions of Nathalie's artistic vision. She mixes the sport of fencing together with other fields such as fine art, dance, fashion, music, cinema and gastronomy. 

In 2017, Nathalie decided to combine all her artistic projects to create her personal brand 5touches.

5Touches explores Nathalie’s 5 fields of inspiration, offering artistic consulting for your event, mental and physical follow up, culinary tips and an online boutique with accessories, design objects, sportswear and training equipment inspired by fencing.